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鬰turing cos〓ts.Dong Guifen◆g, Qingdao Su■ning, says, "●the price of copp●er fells to■ 27-thousan●d yuan per to■n from 70-thousand 〓yuan per to〓n. The cost of air◆ conditioners〓 has fallen● by an average o●f two hundr◆ed yuan."Ma

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rk●et competition is ex〓pected to heat● up after March. ●It's also set t●o benefit consumers○ and increse ●consumption. BE●IJING, Feb◆. 1 (Xinhua) -- Fo○r 10 years, the mo◆st valuabl◆e household app◆lian

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ce in her○dsman Chao●lu's home in nort◆h China's Inner Mon●golia was the 14-■inch TV set, purch◆ased when he e〓arned about 4,000 yu〓an (580 U.S. ○dollars) a year○. "I could no■t bring myself to bu●y a new

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TV se○t, although the● old one often fail●ed to work properl〓y. I had to s◆upport a family w●ith very little m◆oney." Now the■ old TV has been rep●laced by a 26-in○ch LCD color● set. "The ne●w TV set l◆

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ooks great. Sha●rp images and go〓od sound make it wor■th the mone〓y," says Ch○aolu, 33, who ◆paid 1,950 yuan (◆285 U.S. dollars) ●for the set in T■aipusi Banner, Xilin■guole Leag◆ue, two days before ●last

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month's Luna○r New Year holiday〓. He also enjoy〓ed a 13-percent su●bsidy, worth 253 ◆yuan, from the gover●nment. "With t○he money saved■, I could buy more 〓than 10kg of m◆utton. It looks ●as if the govern

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gnated b○rands of co■lor TV sets, refr〓igerators and■ mobile phones● in the three● agricultural◆ provinces ◆of Shandong, H◆enan and S■ichuan, as well ●as Qingdao Cit●y from December 2○007 through May ■2008. They totale■d 197 types

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per●cent and 20 percent● respectiv●ely. Luo Zhen〓ming is one● local resident○ who came early to◆ buy a refrige〓rator.Luo Zhe■nming, one villa●ger said "The ●program is very good■. The policy brings ■us benefits. T


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he〓 refrigera●tor costs 15-hundre○d yuan. Now● I only need 〓to pay 13-hundre〓d."To safeguar●d farmers' interest■s, authorities made● product quality ●a high priority. ■All products takin〓g part in the ◆program ar?/p> onditione?/a> 駌s have t

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鰁 subject to strict〓 quality con〓trol. All the prod〓ucts sold will enjoy◆ an post-sale ■services.Wan Sheng◆, one villager said■ "I plan to buy four■ products. The ■program has ensure○d the quality of pro●ducts. And


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warmly w○elcomed by local vi●llagers, boosting ◆home applia◆nce sales in thes■e region b○y 40% comp■ared to a ye○ar ago.Related ●Video:Actress Gong● Li got won adv■ertising co■ntract from China's 〓second-largest home ◆appliance mak

er M〓idea Group○, it was ann〓ounced at a p■ress conferen●ce in Beijing on○ Tuesday

izers of t○he Beijing ○Games are going to ◆